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Where to find a good cel book?

Hi, I finally have my very first cel (from Flame of Recca w00t!) and right now it's still sitting in the USPS envelope it came in because i don't have anywhere to put it XD.

does anyone know where i can find a cel book? or at least have an idea of where to store it while i try to find one?

I'm a new collector, can you tell? ^^; so any other tips would also be welcome :D
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are the pages stiff so the cels don't bend? if not, would it hurt the cels at all?

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thanks :)
I use Itoya 11x14 books as well...you can buy them at most art/craft stores, Michael's carries them if you don't want to have to order one online, although the Amazon price is cheaper than their cost at a store I think.