rakikohime (rakikohime) wrote in animecels,

Looking for Badiyanu cels (from Sailor Moon super S movie)

Hi, I'm not a real official cels collector, but I've some (13) , all from Sailor Moon and I've just one with Badiyanu and hope so much to find other cels with her because I love her very much.
So I browse all time  yahoo auctions Japan, and I'm unlucky I can't find one and on the net the rare cels with her are from personnal collections .
I've very interested if  someone have one (or more)  ^^ for sale ... so anyway if someone see a cel with Badi  I'm the first interested
I'm Badi s' greatest fan ... I love this character so much!!!
So all cels with her are interesting for me don't forget  me please!
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