Koyappi (koyappi) wrote in animecels,

Anime Cels for Sale

Hi Guys!  A friend of mine just moved to L.A. and needs some help selling things so here are a few Anime cels for sale.  Prices include Domestic shipping and Paypal Fee.  I only accept Paypal.  I have feedback on Ebay under user name Mizsetsuna and I have sold on here before as well.

WeiB Kreuz Cels:
Fujimiya Aya being Held down by two guys with Sketch $45

Aya in Profile $55

Aya in orange sweater with color sketch $35

Youji $55

Master of Mosquiton Cel:
Mosquiton with color sketch $45

Flame of Recca Cel:
Meno- Two layer cel with matching color sketch $55.00

Fushigi Yuugi Hotohori Cel $75
Studio Reproduction

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